Drawing and fat reduction

In this article we will discuss the issue of drafting muscle which is nothing other than the target getting rid of unwanted body fat has accumulated during the "mass cycle" and trying at the same time preserves the already built up muscle mass.

Even at the beginning it should be noted that the drawing is a gradual process...

Drawing and fat reduction

In this article we will discuss the issue of drafting muscle which is nothing other than the target getting rid of unwanted body fat has accumulated during the "mass cycle" and trying at the same time preserves the already built up muscle mass.

Even at the beginning it should be noted that the drawing is a gradual process, demanding a longer term. This means that during it gradually goes through several phases, doing nothing fits and starts and gradually tightening the. You'll need a really strong will and a certain amount of self-denial and a relatively long time. The results are gradually emerge and with them you will surely be satisfied. But it will not be easy.

It is very important to set a reasonable target and date. The difference between a "bulk" and weight can be targeted with each other. It depends on who it needs or wants conformity. We not recommended to give you exaggerated goals. The optimum waste is from 1 to 1.5 kg of body fat per week for men and 0.5 to 1 kg a week in a woman. It follows that the more you choose to drop, the longer it will take your rysovačka. The term you may be some competition, vacation, or just any other date. Its importance is that it forces you to do it expires achieve the objective.

First need to slightly adjust the diet. Divide your food into the precise time units, accidental eating already not an option. I suggest you divide it into 5-7 smaller units. Food with a high fat content should be excluded completely, as well as candy, and other foods containing simple sugars. Fruit should also be limited, it can be used only if the morning or shortly after training. The exclusion itself unhealthy high-calorie food, and it should result in the loss of a quantity of body fat. We recommend that you begin to appreciate the food you receive and determine how much you which contains (protein, fat and carbohydrates). This will give you an accurate overview of how much you actually eat during the day and in the later stages of weight loss you know where you can still get tough.

Another important thing in weight loss is the addition of aerobic activity. The top will do its inclusion only after a workout at the gym, but later you will probably have Zamaka aerobic and beyond and to maximize the impact of the best in the morning on an empty stomach. I'm starting with "aerobkou" after training lasting 10 minutes every other week increases its length by five minutes, so you get to be 30 minutes. I not further increased. If that's not enough, ranked aerobic training on an empty stomach in the morning more in length from 20 to 30 minutes and days when do not practice in the gym, 40 to 60 minutes sometime during the day. After training legs, however, I do not give aerobku.

After some time, when the fat with loss slows, I ranked so. carbohydrate waves. It is a diet so that the intake of carbohydrates from day to day changing. Me has proved vysokosacharidovým start the day, followed by strednesacharidový and finally the low carb day so again. Protein intake remains unchanged. Such a system starts drawing muscles in the higher rotations, but is also quite demanding on the psyche. The low-carbohydrate diet days on end going up to 50 g of carbohydrates per day. And this is the real killer on the psyche. Gradually as to restrict the intake of food supplements containing also to prevent catabolism. Proved to me glutamine, BCAA amino acids and MCT olej.Z supplements to promote weight loss and I use clenbuterol ECA stack (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin), while their after 3 weeks substituting. Never not to use them together.


Probably I disappoint you, when I say that the elimination of fat (lipolysis) must be obtained from food fewer calories than your body uses. Traditionally, this state is reached, energy-reduced food intake, either by changing the food for less energy-dense (such as limiting fat in the diet), or reducing the amount of food intake. Another option is to increase the energy requirements of the body. This can be achieved either aerobic exercise or the use of substances accelerating metabolism. And precisely for such substances this article. "


Clenbutherol is used for the treatment of bronchoconstriction - bronchospasm. It has a similar effect as ephedrine, but acts directly on the beta receptors. As affects the alpha receptors, its effect is significantly stronger than the effect of ephedrine. On the other hand, it causes rapid desensitization of the beta-2 receptor, and after approximately 2 weeks expire. Then it is customary to increase the dose, but only spur further beta receptor desensitization. Clenbutherol is thus suitable for short-term treatment, mostly for removing the last traces of fat.

It is used generally three times daily 0.02 mg to 0.05 mg. In the beginning it is appropriate to start with smaller doses and drill down to the specified value. This limits the side effects of the substance. Because of the long life clenbutherolu in the human body is used 1/1 cycle (one day give and then one day break) or 2/2 (two days after giving a two days break). Our pharmacies are sold under the name clenbutherol Spiropent and prescription only.

Side effects are the most frequent palpitations, tremors and muscle spasms. These generally after a few days of use continues. However there might be other problems such as dizziness, nausea, headache, restlessness, abnormal heart rhythm. Clenbutherol should not be used by people with overactive thyroid gland, accelerated heart beat and arrhythmias.

Clenbutherol has potent anabolic effects in animals. You may have heard of Chinese pigs, which found its excess concentration. Farmers often use this substance for increasing the weight of the animals kept. In humans clenbutherol reportedly has anabolic effects. However, this is only a theoretical assumption, based on a lower number of specific receptors in the human body compared to animals. Assessed anabolic effects clenbutherolu practical measurements it is impossible because of the large difference between the dose to be administered in animals (4 mg / kg) compared to men (0.04 mg / day).

Clenbutherol is therefore a very powerful means of getting rid of fat if we have little time. It is effective for about 2 weeks, and the results are clearly visible after a few days. Moreover, after you use a lot of energy and a feeling that you can do more than usual. I personally practicing with clenbutherolom much better than without it. When exercise is better concentrate and I finish working honestly to force the unpopular and difficult exercises with maximum commitment. I had enough problems with seizures, but against this is to be just drink lots of water and take multivitamins pills.


Effective drugs for weight loss is Meridia (sibutramine). Sibutramine is a substance which acts on the thyroid gland. It is very suitable for women. It has excellent fat burning properties.


The thyroid gland is located in the upper neck. It produces several hormones that are for us in terms of our goals (get rid of fat) interesting. The first isolated hormone produced by the thyroid hormone T4 was. Initially it was considered a major thyroid hormone, but later revealed that it is more of a prohormone, because so far found no direct its action in the body. Its activity is indirect, as well as a source for creating active hormone T3. Section T3 (about 20%) comes directly from the thyroid gland, the residue produced by the conversion of T4 to T3 by the liver, kidney, muscle and central nervous system. Not all of the ka-T4 is converted to T3-ku. T4 is a reservoir of inactive thyroid hormone in the blood. The level of hormones T4 and T3 is controlled by feedback mechanism through hormone TSH. If the level of T4 and T3 increased, TSH level falls, thereby reducing the formation of hormones on the other hand, if the level is low, the increase of TSH, leading to increased production of the thyroid gland. TSH also affect the size of the thyroid gland. Low TSH means a reduction.


T3 is a determining factor for basal metabolism. What does this mean? The more T3 - the more calories the body burns. The energy thus incurred shall be eliminated from the body in the form of heat. T3 thus accelerates the metabolism, that is, the use of protein, carbohydrate and fat in the body. This means that the protein supports the conversion of the food taken in the muscle mass. Moreover, it is increasing the number of beta receptors in fat and muscle cells. Thyroid hormones are anabolic and catabolic. When normal levels are mainly anabolic, but the more increases the level, the more catabolic happen.

Use and dosage

The most commonly used drug is Cytomel, synthetic T3 hormone. It sold in tablet form. The dosage should not exceed 100 mcg daily. The duration of the cycle four to six weeks. Pause time between cycles of at least 6-8 weeks.

Example dietary cycle:
5 days: 25 mcg / day
5 days: 50 mcg / day
5 days: 75mcg / day
12 Days: 100 mcg / day
5 days: 75mcg / day
5 days: 50 mcg / day
5 days: 25 mcg / day

Since T3 increases the number of beta receptors, it is used very often with clenbuterol that these receptors have a direct impact. Cytomel very good traction, while the use of steroids such as Primobolan, Winstrol, Oxandrolone or Proviron. T3 promotes anabolic steroids info, and these prevent the catabolism of T3 due to elevated levels.

Risks and side effects

For the greatest risk reduction is considered the thyroid due to low levels of TSH in your blood when taking Cytomel. With prolonged use, the risk of permanent loss of function of the thyroid gland. This means that on stopping Cytomel have thyroid is unable to produce T4 and T3. For this reason it is not recommended to use Cytomel for longer than 4-6 weeks and the maximum dose is about 100 to 150mcg. Moreover, it is necessary to complete the cycle of tapering off. These processes, however, are very individual. Some users reported that they had problems even at doses of 300 mcg or more per day and abrupt end of the cycle without tapering. The duration of use within 6 weeks, the majority of resources conformity. The most common side effects include increased heart rate, irregular heart rhythm, sweating, headache, indigestion.


T3 is one of the most effective compounds in the fight against fat. Did not dare say it is safe and when I come across a case that actually occurred in permanent damage to the thyroid gland. The risks are clear, they are not in my opinion be minimized by limiting the reasonable dosage and cycle lengths.

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    Therapeutic applications: long-term replacement and suppressive therapy of hypothyroidism, goiter, thyroid cancer and thyroiditis.
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    Abused benefits: the available information indicates that abuse of the dose is in the range of 200-400 mcg, while initially much lower dosage is gradually increased up to that limit.
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